Protection Shields


We step into this earth plane with instincts and missions and goals and vibrations. We come aligned of majestic origins of universe and knowledge of self.


As our innocence and fantasies are stripped away and we stand in bold confrontations of barbarism, we call into being the protection guaranteed us by the Divine.


In the last few years, police and civilians, across this nation have relentlessly killed us, deprived us of liberty, and assaulted our dignity as citizens of earth.  We who are the succulent, juicy, tender, and who are the embodiment of all that is sacred we call on all loving spirits for protection in this time of great crisis.


Protection Shields offer us opportunity to cultivate the profound beauty, nurture strong and resilient future generations, with knowledge of self. We offer our soul searches as living shrines to all that is sacred, and we create communities grounded in values that generate deep spiritual abundance.